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Company Overview

Headquartered in the heart of the Midwest’s “Silicon Valley”, Des Moines, IA, BlackIOPS is a performance storage company that is extending the boundaries of solid-state and flash-powered technology into small and medium-sized Enterprises that require an extensive range of storage access capabilities. BlackIOPS well understands the complexities that our customers must overcome when attempting to create storage platforms that uniquely accommodate the almost-overwhelming range of today’s (and tomorrows) applications and data access demands.

BlackIOPS was founded in May 2015 by Mark Brown, leading a team of highly-respected and credentialed professionals who are experts in identifying and filling technology gaps in storage product portfolios. The management team enjoys extensive data storage capacity, performance profiling and storage industry experience that translates into innovative and high-demand solutions for:

  1. Small to medium sized businesses (SMB)
  2. Divisions and departments of business enterprises
  3. Government entities
  4. Colleges and universities
  5. Workgroups within businesses of all sizes

BlackIOPS is a privately held and privately funded company with the shared vision that the future of data access lies in the datacenter, the Cloud and in hybrid deployments.